Taylor Oilfield MFG., Inc.

Hard Metal Shop

Hard Metal Shop

(5) XMT-304 300 Amp Welding Machines
(1) Miller 400 Amp Welding Machine
(1) Miller 200 Amp Portable Gas Welding Machine
(1) CP-250 TS Welder
(3) Miller Wire Feeders
(1) Quick Tip Hard Facing System
(1) Norton 0D Grinder, 17" Swing X 73" Bed Length
(1) Vangaurd ME1363/4000 OD Grinder
(1) OTG2 Oil Tool Grinding Machine
(1) Deloro Stellite 400A PTA Hardfacing System
(1) Deloro Stellite SW 400A PTA Hardfacing System

Tool Dressing

1018 Crushed Tungsten Carbide, Big Chip, Trapezoids and Half Rounds, Tuf Coat, Technogenia, TC610, Quick Tip, Numerous Set-ups for Hard Metal Dressing and Fabrication, Aluminum and Stainless Welding Capabilities

Ernest Cormier- Hard Metal Shop Supervisor (Broussard Shop)
Email: ernie@tayloroilfield.com   
Office: (337) 837-4084
Fax: (337) 837-4086
Cell: (337) 552-4013

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