Taylor Oilfield MFG., Inc.

Quality Control

Quality is integral to everything we do

Quality is everyone's responsibility

Taylor Oilfield Manufacturing, Inc. will continuously improve its Quality Management System and products to better satisfy the needs of its customers and will deliver to them, on time and every time, defect-free products and services conforming to Taylor Oilfield Manufacturing, Inc. Quality Management System and all other requirments

Quality objectives are defined and measured continuously in the improvement of the Quality Management System.  Quality objectives for the organization include continuous improvement in:
   1.  Productivity
   2.  Product Defect Rate
   3.  Customer Satisfaction

Quality Equipment:

API Thread Disk                                                              Height Stand
Digital Protractor                                                              O. D. Mics
API Gauges                                                                     O. D. Blade Mics
MRP Gauges                                                                   I. D. Indicators
Surface Roughness Measuring Tester                            I. D. Bore Mics
Gage Maker Mic Trac                                                      O. D. and I. D. Taper Gauges
Lead Gauges                                                                   N. P. T. and Tap Gauges
Thread Depth Mic                                                            Wall Thickness Gauge


Randy Reuss
Quality Control Manager
Email: randy@tayloroilfield.net
Phone: (281) 225-4053
Cell: (713) 725-1466

John Gordon                                                                  
Quality Control Manager Assistant (Broussard)              
Email: john@tayloroilfield.com                              
Office: (337) 837-4084                                                    
Fax: (337) 837-4086                                                       

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